About us

At OZKING, our journey is intertwined with a passion for digital excellence and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Rooted in decades of experience and a vision for the future, we’re more than just a digital marketing agency. We’re a partner in your brand’s digital evolution.

Oprea Dragut

The Visionary Behind OZKING: Oprea’s Journey

Oprea’s foray into the world of marketing spans over two decades, beginning in the vibrant era of the ’90s as a commercial graphic designer. His expertise quickly evolved, adapting to the dynamic shifts of the industry, leading him to design customized promotional marketing materials tailored for diverse business needs. Oprea’s journey is a testament to adaptability, with experiences ranging from the publishing realm to the construction sector, and even the mining and service utilities industry. Yet, the digital world remained his true calling.

After an extensive exploration of the burgeoning digital marketing landscape, Oprea recognized the transformative power of online platforms. From SEO to social media dynamics, he saw the future of business branding and marketing. With a wealth of experience under his belt and a vision for the future, Oprea founded OZKING. His mission? To merge traditional industry knowledge with cutting-edge digital strategies, helping businesses, big and small, achieve their branding and sales targets.

Tommy Yip

Master of Web Craftsmanship: Tommy’s Odyssey

Tommy boasts an illustrious career spanning over two decades in the web2 and WordPress domain. With a portfolio enriched by 800+ meticulously designed websites and webshops, he has catered to a diverse clientele across the globe. Tommy’s designs aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re a harmonious blend of creativity and functionality. Every creation is meticulously crafted to enhance user experience, convey messages with clarity, and transform casual visitors into loyal customers.

His prowess doesn’t end at design. Tommy possesses an unparalleled expertise in managing, installing, and configuring any design or plugin within WordPress. If a captivating and professional WordPress website or webshop is on your wishlist, Tommy is your go-to expert. Leveraging his vast experience and deep-rooted passion for WordPress, he promises bespoke websites tailored to fit every unique business or personal requirement.